Fall is Coming...

I'm moving forward with my eye... went to my post op appointment #2 for my right eye and I am happy to be healing well. Arvin came along and we went shopping at Trader Joe's afterwards. Helena stayed home to work on some more unpacking. When Arvin and I got home I went into my study to catch up on my financial stuff, making sure the account balanced, made sure we had enough in it to cover the massive Visa we had this month... exciting stuff like that. Sigh. Our Visa is actually on hold because somebody got a hold of the number and was trying to charge big ticket items at Macy's in a city nowhere near here. Luckily Bank of America called and the card got shut down. We get a new number soon. This is quite a pain as we have many places that charge to this card automatically. Will have to call them all when we get the new card. Grumble.

This afternoon Helena and I took a nice long walk down into Whatcom Falls Park. That's where I took this picture of Whatcom Falls. The falls are really quite low right now due to our long dry warm summer. Nobody is complaining here! As you can see the leaves are turning. It is quite a lovely sight. Bigger here.

My biggest news is that the article finally came out in the Prime Time magazine of the Bellingham Herald that features me among other senior artists. Take a look here to see the article. I knew it was coming and was really happy with the job they did. Pretty cool I must say. I did mention Blip in the interview but it somehow didn't make the cut. Never mind. I'm really happy with the article anyhow.

I hope I'll have some more time this evening to comment. Hope you all had or are having a great Monday. (Or Tuesday for my friends who are way ahead in time at the moment.)

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