Staying Close to Mom

The Black Tail fawn is growing. His (or her) spots are almost all gone now. Today he and his mom were on our driveway chomping away on whatever looked good. I came out with my camera and he was actually pretty bold. But at one point he moved close to his mother and looked back at me with his big dark eyes. I couldn't resist blipping him.

Weird things are happening all around me. After we got the sink fixed, just as we were going to bed, I went to plug in my iPad to charge. The outlet was totally dead and so was the phone because that is where it is plugged in. I had to get an extension chord and plug it in another outlet. No wonder people have been telling us that sometimes they can't get us on the phone.

Then this afternoon I went to toast some bread in the toaster oven and that outlet was out too. I checked around and another kitchen outlet wasn't working either. But one was. And when I tested the circuit breaker on it, it made the phone do weird things. It is plugged into a dining room outlet now. Yikes! And our handy man buddy seems to be out of town. Yikes.

Good news though. I was able to save most of my trip photos. They came out as TIF files but were actually ARW files. So I found a utility that would make it easy to change the extensions and they all came into Lightroom with no trouble. I'm happy about that.

Life is chugging and so am I. But sometimes I do feel like taking a trip to some hidden spot with a beautiful pool with perfect temperature water and a waterfall you can swim under. Of course the sun would be just right and the air would be fresh and fragrant. Ahhhh.

Well at least I can go there in my mind.

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