Help me to find the best title...

This morning very quickly I got this shot. It was really contrasty with dark birds and bright background. Technically difficult. But funny. So I decided to go with it. Bigger birds.

The right jay looks like... A) Punk Rocker B) Jay masquerading as a vulture C) Whirling Jay

The left one looks like... A) I'm out of here B) I got the best nut C) La de da

I had thought to make a rock group name for the two of them: Steller and the Jays, Jumping George and the Peanuts... none really did it for me. Could have tried my son's group's name, Keekwyn and the Hackers. But no. Not enough players in this band. Do you have an idea for a title?

Another busy day today. The new Visa arrived and I spent most of the morning updating all the places that auto-charge to it. Amazingly, one of the places, our dentist's office, called me before I could get around to calling them. I think I got everybody. Took far too long to do it. Sigh...

Then off to another appointment. And a bit of shopping. And home to fiddle with the photos I took this morning. I like the composition of this one but it was a bear technically. I used the HD plug in by Nik and then messed a bit with the Poster Edges filter in Photoshop.

Hope you are all having a great day.

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