Stranger than Fiction

This photo is not fiddled with. Except for the basic processing I did in Lightroom. The colors are real. And it is definitely stranger than fiction... I took it at a wonderful gallery in Bellingham called "Mindport." They have all kinds of nifty experiments for kids, a bit like the San Francisco Exploratorium but smaller and more personal. And they have a gallery. Tonight was the Bellingham Plein Air Paint Out (PAPO) show there and Arvin, Helena and I arrived early, so we played with some of the experiments. This was an experiment in light and how it can be broken up into colors. There was a bunch of plastic things there to look at in the experiment. Any stresses in the plastic showed up as colors. This was just a molded piece of transparent plastic that no doubt came in a package. I was delighted with the colors and took some photos before we went to the opening. More fun in large.

Our day started with me going for an ultrasound of my thyroid nodule. The appointment was at 11:15. Early in the afternoon I got a call from my doctor's office with the results. I was amazed at how fast it was. I had mixed feelings about the results. Turns out I have a bunch of small nodules in my thyroid. But since they are smaller than a centimeter in diameter and my thyroid function is normal, the doctor said not to worry and that we would just keep an eye on them and retest in six months. Well I'd rather it had been just one that was clearly not a problem. But at least my thyroid is functioning normally and all is well so far. I guess I can live with that.

Otherwise the day was pretty normal. We did a few errands and then attended the opening. Afterwards we went to Goat Mountain Pizza for a bit of a light meal and then home for a quiet evening. The show was great. I was the unofficial photographer so I took lots of photographs while I was there. I'll probably put some on Chaikins of Bellingham but not tonight. Time to settle down for an early night as we have an early morning appointment tomorrow.

Hope you are having a great late summer or early spring. :)

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