Bright Idea

Bit of a backwards day today. Normally we go for a bike ride after breakfast then do stuff when we get back. Today we did stuff first then went for a bike ride.

We went up to the local authority recycling centre to get rid of a load of stuff then returned via the supermarket and DIY shops. We didn't need much and I even remembered to look for 22 mm bayonet fit halogen light bulbs to replace one that blew in the living room. Annoyingly B&Q changed their model mix and so didn't have one of the same output so I've had to do with one that's not quite as bright. Today's blip is a quick shot of aforementioned light bulb.

The bike ride was most peculiar, it was warm but not sunny, overcast and dull but not rainy. Traffic was a bit worse than in the morning but not so bad overall, and no moronic petrol heads today.

After the ride I uploaded a few back blips, I've got behind then watched the final of the final stage of this year's Tour of Britain on TV.

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