All Set Up and Ready

It was something of a shock when my alarm went off at 5.55am this morning!
And naturally I'd stayed up far too late last night sorting cards, framing up and packing it all into the car.
I set off at about 7am, called into my Mum's to pick up a table (more forward planning!!!) and carried on to Millet's Farm near Abingdon for the three day craft and gift fair.
Once I had my stall all set up there was just time to sit down to a well earned cup of tea before the doors opened at 10am.
I had such a good day!
I was lucky enough to be next to a wonderful artist, Sam Morris, who was kind enough - and patient enough! - to give me loads of fantastic advice about shows, products, setting up a business, packaging, marketing, printing, and a million other things that it was brilliant to find out about!
Worth the cost of the stand alone!
And she was friendly, funny and incredibly talented too.
I sold quite a few cards and had lovely chats with so many people.
It was really busy until about 2pm and then died a bit. It was quite tricky not to sit at my stall and fall asleep!!
Especially listening to the endless patter of the man selling nuts opposite!

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