All you need is love

By pascolicious


Kevin and I are both photogenic (at least, I think we are!). And we both love taking pictures and having our pictures taken. That's one of the things that I really love about Kevin. The fact that he loves being in pictures and being in pictures with ME makes going out so much fun.

Kevin asked me last month if I wanted to go out on a photoshoot and take some new pictures for him. Originally, I declined because I don't think I'm a good photographer and I only get lucky with my photos (or so it feels). But today, it was so gorgeous out, I couldn't resist!

There is a forest preserve near my house and it's quite large. There are so many parts of it that I haven't been to! I went on a trail a couple of weeks ago with my parents and neither Kevin or I had a camera. It was a bummer because we took a trail through a wooded area and it was great! I miss doing things like that.

Kevin and I went to an open area where one of the ponds is located. We had a pretty good time snapping pictures of the area and each other :)

This was my favorite of all that I took. It's Kevin!

Please check out the rest of my photos here flickr

Also, please check out my backblips. Particularly the one from the 15th!

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