Best idea ever

I'm hanging around in Boston airport this morning, waiting for my flight to my next destination, Toronto. I just found what might just be the best inexpensive airport idea ever - rocking chairs in front of the windows looking out over the runway.

Boston has been great! It seems like a very friendly city, easily walkable, lots of sun (while I've been here), lots of water, and a real mixture of buildings styles. You can see the olde Englande look of early years, but it feels like they were trying to build the heritage, not just the structures. Put these next to modern skyscrapers with glass and curves and you have a lot of quirks in a small space.

But now I've forgotten my gate number. I'd better go and find it and some lunch, then see if there's time to catch up on the last few days' blips. Which I suppose means leaving my rocking chair.

Next stop, Toronto!

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