PawsClaws n Tails outWest

By DesertP

Donkey Territory

Backblip #2

Damaraland is donkey territory, no doubt about it! Everyday we saw men careening past our work site on their donkey drawn carts. We never knew where they were going or what they were doing, there was never anything in the cart... we started thinking they just drive around for fun sometimes!

Day 2 f building our brickwall and I aman expert in cement mixing (by hand!) and carrying rocks.... lots of rocks! One of the local men that EHRA employs is named Matheus. He is lovely, smiley guy who just happens to be over 6 ft and is a rock boulder carrying machine! You wouldn't think he was 62 years old to see him working! Matheus always managed to make our rocks look minature in comparison!

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