One Sleep To Go!!!

I am becoming increasingly incoherently excited about going to Strictly tomorrow. I have chosen my dress, dug out my high heels and been walking around all day with a big smile on my face. Just at the thought of it!!
I have kept smiling despite doing nothing all day apart from tidying up. Anyone reading my journal may think I do nothing else but housework but despite my half-hearted best efforts we still live in pretty constant chaos!
But I got on pretty well today. Sorted Miss E's room and cleared the hallway so we no longer have to clamber over things to get in the house!
Unfortunately I won't be able to carry on with my good work tomorrow because we're off out for the day.
Did I mention we're going to see Strictly?
Hee hee!!
We almost weren't going as when I tried to print out our e-tickets the printer decided it was finally time to die. Oh my goodness!!!
When I went to get Miss E I asked the school secretary if I could access my Hotmail account and get her to print them for me. Crisis averted!
I had a lovely time after school watching Miss E swim. I love seeing her happily chatting and laughing with children in her class. There's something wonderful about watching her so happy and carefree when she doesn't know I'm watching.
And she's got a mean backstroke too!
I went to Tescos after the Little Misses disappeared into Miss E's room for their Friday night sleepover.
I always play a little game with the Scan and Save machine to see if I can guess which handset will flash after I scan my card.
I know, I live on the edge!
Tonight the Scan and Shop machine was having a Bingo game and if your handset had a gold star on it you won a prize.
Mine had a star!!!!!
I had the choice of a bottle of red or a jumbo uber family pack of Maltesers.
Naturally I went for the Maltesers.
We're not big drinkers but we're big scoffers of chocolate!

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