Where Sky Meets The Land

By GracieErin

Hide and Seek

So it has been a very long time since I last ventured onto blip! Mainly because I have no access to the internet except on weekends up until 12.30 at the library 30minutes away!
It has been a long, tiring, exciting and difficult transition into the new life on the North East Coast. I started my job, which is challenging and hard work, but I think it's going quite well. Moved in to the new house, some boxes are still unpacked, and others are just hidden in corners pretending to be house decorations so that I no longer feel guilt at the fact that I still haven't unwrapped, and found a home for the items within it!
Pip was here for about a Month, which made life so much easier, and nicer. It is always nice to return home to someone who will happily give you a hug, pour you a glass of wine, run you a bath and cook you your dinner. SPOILT. Then he left, and life became much more challenging. I stopped having baths, cahnged to showers, I poured more than one glass of wine, and I let the dinner be soup and the washing pile to climb to great heights before deciding I needed to tackle it.
Juggling home life, unpacking, managing a team of Peri's, organising and running music schedules, concerts, festivals and all SOW's, lesson planning and keeping up with the paperwork, phone calls home...somehow looking after myself got lost somewhere along the line.
That's when it happened...the melt down. It was on its way, Flu struck, snot induced, red nosed and croaky throated. Observation over and meeting after meeting done, I come home to no plates clean, no Pip, and no sofa to curl up on and cry. A good cry on the hard wood floor later, having done the washing up, put on the laundry, swept, dusted and cleaned all rooms in the house, eaten a proper meal and talked at length with Pip, I ran a bath. Found my sanity once more, marked some books, went to bed and woke up to the weekend.
This picture is from a wedding that I had the pleasure of photographing one of the flower girls was playing hide and seek, I love the movement in the picture, and the innoncence I feel when looking at it. So here I am on a saturday camera in hand, ready to start again.
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.

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