Where Sky Meets The Land

By GracieErin


I had a wonderful walk around Belsay Hall this saturday with some new made friends from work. We met at a lovely family run coffee shop where I indulged in a cherry scone and a big mug of coffee, only then to be delighted when I find out I get a free refill, caffeine high!

It was great to be out of work, doing something else and trying desperately not to talk about work! It's hard when you are a teacher and friends with teachers, not to dicuss the major thing you have in common. So we hunted for some different conversational focus point. Leading to family. What amazing things families are, so different and yet so alike.
I snapped this picture of a family skipping through the gardens and into the quarry walk - which is gorgeous by the way if you haven't been, go!! And I loved the light which seems to soften the edges of the picture, without loosing any of the depth!

Listening to my three friends discuss their children, and their partners was so lovely, it gave me a little insight into them. A side of them I've never seen, and also much more admiration for the amount women can do when they become mothers, cause I know I couldn't do what I'm doing at the moment and have 2 small children clinging to my trouser legs! Although it was lovely to hear all about their families and get to know them a bit better it did get me thinking on my lovely man...and how far away he is at the moment stuck in the south of the country.
3Weeks. 3Weeks more and I will be home. As it transpires through our discussions, home is where your loved ones are.

Happy week everyone.
G x

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