Key exchange

Spent most of today performing open heart surgery on my desktop PC. I dismantled a Sky+ box my father use to have to get the hard disk out of it to put it into my desktop PC. My original plan was to add it as a second drive but the case uses funky plastic mounting rails so I had to go to plan "B", format the new drive and copy everything to it without it being properly bolted into place, then swap the drives over once the copy was completed. Tedious but with a good Linux command line Fu it was all done without a problem and I'm now running on a box which is 33% full rather than 95%... More space for blips.

Copying files takes a while so I had lunch. After lunch it was still copying so I decided to organise our keys. We have lots of old keys that fit doors that went to the scrap yard last week, and lots of new keys for doors and windows we can't access from the outside and lots of bike keys for various locks and stuff. It has got a bit complicated but at least now they are on semi-logical bunches. I should probably get a nice key lock box and put them all on that but then I'd get complained at for being too fussy...

Today's blip is a selection of old Yale (pin & tumbler) keys that open locks we no longer have. You are welcome to use a 3D printer to make copies, but we I don't know where the locks are if you want to test them...

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