The second half of life..

By twigs

Channa Market, Delhi

Arriving in Delhi the first thing I noticed was the heat when we stepped off the plane. The airport terminal and the Metro train station and trains are all air-conditoned so I was protected from the heat and I (bravely, I thought!) challenged myself to navigate from the aiport to my hotel using public transport. Immediately outside the air-conditioned areas though the heat hit like a blast from a hot oven. There's no getting away from it and walking anywhere immediately brought out a sweat.

Found the hotel after using 3 trains, being helped by several people (Angelina in particular, who

helped me through the final train exit after my token was rejectd. A total stranger in a city of many millions . . . . she'll never read this but she really was an angel). Had a short rest in my room then decided to get some refreshement on the hotel's rooftop restaurant. It was here I met Frank - a Spanish German who is in Delhi for 3 days before heading up to Rikiesh for 3 weeks of yoga and various other experiences. We chatted, shared some stories then decided to share a Delhi city tour tomorrow too. We also decided to explore a little tonight and took a tuk-tuk to Channa Market - no image could ever fully portray the miniscule slice of Indian life we've witenssed tonight . . . . . begging children, street sellers of all sorts, motoring mayhem, noise, smells - some very sweet and enticing but many quite gross, litter/rubbish/ruin, staring men, constantly honking horns, colour and vibrancy, strangers getting in your face . . . . .

I wanted colour, culture and contrast and I'm not disappointed so far.

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