By Tryfan46

Making a start

Despite lack of mobility, a productive day today and continuing upbeat, especially as the start of my first map has been pleasurable and pleasing. Takes me back to drawing maps in Geography lessons. Some might say I'm regressing and that colouring in of maps is all that children used to do in Geography, but who am I to argue. It's what I liked doing and what I think I'm going to enjoy in coming winter months.

I'm just practising here, this is not for real. The sketch pad is ready but I want to try things out first to see how they work. No idea what I'm doing or how things like this should be done. Just getting on with it.

In addition to the drawing I wrote a draft iPad training programme for the company website and publicity material and made a small hole in the apple mountain outside. The Tarte au Tatin has been going down a treat.

Still missing the buzz of physical activity. Susan is at the gym as I write and went walking yesterday afternoon as well.

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