By sp33dway

oceana neon

I'm afraid due to bliprules and censorship laws I cannot post any photo for today other than this one, blipped on my mobile in the early hours whilst chilling in the 'Tokyo zone' of a club in Leeds. It's probably one of those club that, if it were your local, is p00 - but to visitors from afar is believed to be pretty good: Lots of 'zones' and themed areas, from a proper floor playing banging dance tunes to a little cosy pub on one level with a bloke doing a small accoustic gig another 3 levels up.

The chap in the pic was some fellow of Asian background who spoke with a Canadian accent - a bit of a weirdboy it turned out, as he was off his head on allsorts but apparently worked as a facial reconstructive surgeon. He and his friend, from Toronto, had this 3sec rule where they MUST talk to a girl within 3 seconds of them looking their way. A great theory if you are a bloke who is blessed with good looks and style, but not if you're image is hovering on the edge of geekyness and you're chewing your own gums off. Their magic tricks with a 50p coin didn't them any favours either, nor did the fact that everything was apparently 'Awesome Dude'.

We went to bed (in my 70's flower power sleeping bag, on the floor) at around 5am but couldn't get to sleep for another 45mins or so because the bluddy birds were singing their morning chorus RIGHT IN MY FREAKING EAR. Oh, and then my mate started snoring and farting. Great.

Woke up about 4hrs later with the MUTHA of all hangovers, which wasn't washed away despite a healthy power shower (posh shampoo) and a not-very-healthy all day breakfast. The ride home was turmoil to say the least, then it was a quick 20minutekip before I was karted off to Warrington for a house party/BBQ with some friends. A weird experience because my head was in BITS, but it was great to see everyone even if they did comment straight away on the fact I looked like a tramp and how much grey hair I now had :-))

I spent some quality time chatting to A, a dear friend of ours with a heart of gold. The sort of person who instantly brings a smile to your face when she walks into the room (well mine, anyway).

She told me that she'd been following my blip since February and thought it was amazing. I was very flattered, and REALLY pleased that a person I knew had 'found it' and 'got it' too. (If you're reading this, A, keep your eyes peeled because I'm sure a blip dedicated to you will find it's way into blipland sometime soon. And thank you, too)

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