Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Better times ahead?

After all the days of miserable, dull, wet weather, it was nice to wake this morning and find the sun streaming into the room through the curtains. Even more welcome was the fact that the day actually improved as it went on. There's a pleasant light breeze blowing, the sun is shining brightly still, the sky is a beautiful clear blue with some wispy clouds adding interest, the temperature is a reasonable 16 C -- all in all, the last day of May is turning into the best day since April.

And things have improved with work and with bodily well-being too. The hot & cold flushes and nasty stomach of the other day are well gone; the job I'm working on is progressing well and the client is as happy as the proverbial Larry. Come on June, roll on the good days.

NOTE: I've changed my mind about which image best represents today's mood. I'd hoped I'd be able to stick to my guns with my blipping and not swich once I'd assigned an image to a date, but this is only blip 11 and already I've broken my promise to myself. The pic which was here earlier, which the first two comments relate to, can now be viewed elsewhere, but my definitive choice for today is now this shot taken in the late evening at the Bull Wall on Dublin's north side.

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