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Stewart Lee

Sorry for the terrible photo of someone I don't know with Stewart Lee. My camera battery ran out and this was the best I managed with my phone.

Today went pretty much according to plan. Some work in the office, then into town to conduct an interview that had been rescheduled due to the interviewee forgetting to turn up last time, then a bit of work in a café (Storytelling Centre, very nice) before an evening out.

I then met with EnglishRose for a drink and then dinner at Mother India’s Café (yum) and then we went to see Stewart Lee at the Festival Theatre.

You know those wanky music snobs who only go to small intimate gigs of up-and-coming bands? Well I’m a wanky comedy snob who only goes to small intimate gigs of up-and-coming comedians. Usually. But today I went to a proper comedy show at a large theatre that I had to pay more than £20 for. To be fair I got more than two hours of material from a single comedian, so that is decent value.

Stewart Lee. I like him, I’ve known of him for many years and seen him a few times at the Fringe. Didn’t get in quick enough for tickets this year, hence I had to go and see his tour. Stewart’s stuff is really not for everyone. He isn’t a mainstream comedian because his stuff is a bit – well, weird - but his career has had longevity and he has a loyal following.

In this show we got four half hour sets from Stewart, plus an encore.

Each went down well with the audience (largely comprised of men in their late thirties). I laughed a lot.

There’s something about Stewart Lee’s style and delivery that is totally unique. It is calm and prepared and coherent and yet strangely repetitive and sardonic and odd.

But it is clever, clever, clever stuff. Carefully woven, impeccably timed, and deeply satirical.

I like his stuff, but I really do love him. I think I wish he was my fun uncle. Or maybe I am developing a more ‘romantic’ interest.

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