Day Today

By Feathers14

Up at the Cragg of Dawn

Poor title because this is a sunset, however we were on the way down to Berkhamstead for a leaving party for Silkie Cragg (hence the title) and George. All the guys in the house (Ant, Ben, Cosmo and Matt - you'll meet them all very soon, no doubt) piled in to cars and we made the road trip down. It was a very very good night; more of a pub trek than a pub crawl as things were so far apart, but it was lots of fun and I met a lot of new people too which is always nice. There may have been a few tears when everyone was leaving as Silkie and George are both off to Canada so they were sad to see everyone. It was a great night though and our first house social of the year. I'm sure there'll be plenty more too

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