Day Today

By Feathers14

Getting A Bit La-Cross

Quite a violent game isn't it. Wasn't exactly prepared for just how excited some of the players got.

Today, Cosmo (new housemate, you'll meet him soon) was playing Lacrosse on campus in the West Midlands Lax cup. It's kind of a warm up for BUCS. I'd never seen a lacrosse game before and I needed to go on to campus so I figured we could go on together, I could shoot a game or two and then I'd get some work done.

It turned out to be quite an eventful bus journey as we were in a bus crash. Some how only one person on the bus was injured and the driver of the car that we t-boned was also okay, just a little shaken up. Not a lot of fun at all.

The lacrosse games were sooo sick. Genuinely so sick. Cosmo had a genius moment where he may have accidentally taken the ball and started running in the wrong direction (toward his own goal). Ooops!

After that probably a lot more work got done...... Naht!

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