Information Retrieval

By Syetuttle

Disposable Paradiso

So we finally got to see my son's photos from his Beeston castle school trip a couple of weeks ago. All via a Fuji disposable camera, which was sitting in my "man drawer" for God knows how long.

P was fascinated to hear how the "film" had to be "developed" in chemicals in a "darkroom". He also wanted to know if it was possible to "adjust" images like "Daddy" does in PS. The answer was "yes" of course, which also meant having to explain in layman's terms how it used to be done. I think he got it. He will no doubt ask me at some point again about the darkroom process. Bear in mind I have never done film photography!
Though I would LOVE to try day.

As for the title, I took the inspiration from one of my favourite films Cinema Paradiso.

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