I was struck by the contrasts of  Fall as I walked through the fields this morning. The transitions from Summer to Winter are evident. Summer's dry, dusty grasses are now sporting the first green shoots of new green grass. Vetch, with its purple blooms can be seen wending its way through the dried stems. The Scottish thistles and Star thistles sport vivid purple and yellow blooms  surrounded by inhospitable thorns. Delicate fennel flowers are now heavy with seeds. The only trees out here are oaks whose leaves don't change color until they are on the ground, when they blend in color, if not in shape, with the dried grass.

Thee street trees, Liquid Amber and Sumac are brilliant red , making their final, spectacular statement before flaming out like a dying fire.. The finches, not to be outdone, have turned bright yellow and red. They look like falling leaves as they flutter  from the trees to the bidbath. They will keep their brilliant color through the winter, punctuating the bare trees with bright spots. The quail march in solemn, single file procession across the upper reaches of the garden and down the steps, blending in with the ever present, never changing rocks.

Winter is on its way, but it's not in a hurry....

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