By J0shua

What would you do?

Strange day #1: The things I do for a blip. Todays' wander around North Sydney, Lavender Bay & Milsons point was only with a P&S camera. So I was unlikely to get a photo for my 'portfolio'. So I resorted to do some strange things..... like sitting/laying in middle of a path using a fully loaded Drobo mini as a tripod/platform to get photos of the palm trees that line the walkway from the Bridge to Luna Park. Was it worth it? well I'll let you judge, but I'm kinda happy with this and I'll be back one day with the big camera to do it again properly.

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Strange day #2: Today was a national ride 2 work day. Well it started with two flat tyres on bike #1, before even leaving home. hmmm so bike#2 had massive chain slip and realignment of the axel in relation to the frame before leaving the unit complex (i.e. I didn't even get to the street).... so at 6am I went back to bed.

Strange day #3: phone conversation with a colleague about some future plans; could be very disruptive. Could be very sad news for myself and other people, and yet I'm happy about it. Can't say anything more.

Strange day #4: Big whole of company meeting to announce a re-re-branding of the company that kinda already happened but should have been done years ago - yes that makes no sense which is why it is strange.

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