The Bishop's luck ...

... for that is what this large chunky stone is called. Apparently there is a Bishop buried underneath it which seems a bit unlikely. Anyway, we had a lovely day with our pals Robert and Finola. We walked through the fields to inspect the stone and the heavens opened, but afterwards the light was amazing. We then went on to explore an enormous and highly impressive ringfort, complete with stone walls, lazy bed (for potatoes) in the centre and evidence of a collapsed souterrain (underground chamber). It was on a plateauin the middle of lush pasture with the most incredible views. We then returned for a hearty supper and then sped off to Bantry house for a recital by violinist and pianist - Beethoven, Brahms and Fauré. This was the first time we had listened to classical music in the imposing library of the house and it was just the right setting.
Too tired to blip when we returned home.

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