And yet more culture!

Just how much can a girl take!
This afternoon I went back to Ballydehob to avail of the tour to Gortnagrough Folk Museum. Ballydehob was out of power and full of the sound of shamanic drumming coming out of the Social Centre. I waited at the statue of Danno, champion of the world (wrestling) and the first shock was the minibus was punctual - so punctual in fact he left half the people behind and had to return. Gortnagrough is the private collection of a now elderly couple who have been collecting just about everything all their lives. It is certainly an ecelctic collection - you might want to biggify this to see the disapproving glare of the woman in the photograph and no wonder, where did they get this model from?? And what is that eye in the background?

Coming home I got embroiled in the sunday afternoon road bowling. Lots of furtive blokes lingering in the road watching two bowlers compete by throwing a small ball, like a teeny cannonball and just as heavy,balletically down the road. Cars have to be ushered through at appropriate moments. I think it's technically illegal but it's very serious and considerable sums of money change hands.
Right, that's enough culture for a few days.

Backblip - if you commented on this, and a few people had, sorry please look again for it had mysteriously popped up for today's blip and in fact was yesterdays. This is what too much culture does.

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