Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal


Bit of a lie in today to get over the last couple of days. Tried to go to Denny's for breakfast but the queue was too big so we headed back into the MGM to their place and met J&A.

From there it was a cab to the Stratosphere casino as we had lunch reservations. As we were a bit early we went out to the worlds largest gift store or tat shop. Had a look around but bought nothing. Form there it was back to the casino and a couple of goes on the shooting arcade and I beat J at air hockey.

We then headed up to the 106 floor for lunch. Had a great lunch in the restaurant that slowly rotates at the top of the tower.

Next stop was the observation deck a few floors up for a look around. Decided that discretion was the better form of valour and bottled out of the rides at the top of the tower.

J was interested in doing the 890ft jump off the top of the tower but not after a nice lunch.

Next was Freemont Street, the site of the original strip. Very tacky but would be great at night to see the light show.

J&A went back to the hotel while we went to the Mob Museum. Great museum. Managed to electrocute J in and electric chair and fire a Tommy gun.

It was then a cab ride back to the hotel just in time to go to the LA Lakers v Sacramento Kings basketball pre-season game. My first and last basketball game. Not that great a spectacle unless we just didn't see a great game. The Lakers lost by 20 points.

Next stop was a quick trip over to New York New York to go on the roller coaster. Alison stayed behind while the rest of us went on the ride. John managed to get a seat up front. Great fun.

Back to the hotel, while J did some packing I popped out to take a photo of the strip at night, Great colours with all the neon lights.

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