Honey Bee

My first little bee for this season, a honey bee - Apis mellifera. Also known as Western honey bee or European honey bee, the Maori name being Pi Honi.

It was first introduced to New Zealand from England by settlers for honey production and plant pollination. The honey bee (Apis mellifera) was introduced in 1839 by Miss Bumby of Hokianga, the sister of the Hokianga missionary John Bumby.

Mum is sounding much stronger in the voice and there is less coughing, she's on the mend. No walking or gardening today but she hopes to be able to grocery shop tomorrow, we'll see.

Low white puffy clouds have rolled through with ripples of white cloud above, a little blue sky and streaks of cloud not unlike lightning out to the east. While the sun has shone its been very glary especially on the road. The strong light was bouncing off the low cloud, I had to wear my clip-on shades as well as some overspecs to cut out the glare. Gusts of strong wind have caused my eyes to prick, itch and run, I'm feeling quite heady at present.

My thoughts are with family, friends and blippers in Australia dealing with the bush fires and the tireless efforts of the Rural Fire Service, may you all stay safe.

After a lovely day with Daughter E in the city its now time to think about some tea and have a quick tidy-up.

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