By Jaxter46


A bright spell of the day at the Country Park at Loggerheads.

Went to the Dr's surgery for the monthly blood tests before work, last months were ok no problems which is good. When they weighed me I found I'd lost 9lb, really chuffed as when I saw the consultant a couple of months ago he suggested I loose a few pounds as he reckoned I was borderline normal/fat. It's not been an effort at all I've just cut out Subways and McDonalds and a few other things. Also I've been a bit more active I suppose with the summer and being out and about more.

It's been another busy day today with lots to do at work, time goes so quickly when your busy doesn't it. It wasn't a bad start to the day and quite warm, the rain didn't arrive till mid afternoon but it didn't deter me from a good long walk in the Valley. I only took Barney as Meg is now struggling to go too far so Mike took her around the Bryn. You should have seen the look of disgust I got when I came in with Barney.

Going over to Liverpool to meet up with Mike's sister Tye and Rich tomorrow night so probably won't get a blip on, very lax lately I know but life has got in the way of blip. Once the nights have drawn in there will be more time.

Hope all is well with you all x

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