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By pontycyclops

Touchstone - Live At The Globe

Believe it or not this is the first live gig of the year for me, and this was a last minute decision.

We had seen Touchstone support The Reasoning in the past, and were impressed. So when we found out they were playing Cardiff we decided we couldn't miss out.

So we jumped in the car and popped down. Matt and the rest of the Reasoning where there as well. There was a fairly decent crowd.

Touchstone played a really good set. I only own one album, but I was mighty impressed with the new stuff.

Next up was the Van Hertzen Brothers ... I had never heard of them. Wow! What a band! I love discovering new music, and they were awesome. They had a huge stage presence and a great sound. I ended up buying their latest album and Touchstones. Great mementos from a great night.

There's more photos to be seen in my Flickr set.

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