See it, Snap it, Share it

By pplnani


...................Red or white?
I just can’t believe I’m up to 500 blips already; it only seems a short while ago that I posted 365, time passes so quickly. Looking back I remember joining up to Blip after being recommended to it by a friend, I posted half a dozen photos but was way too shy to comment or even reply to the few comments that were left, so I stopped posting and felt like a failure. After a month or so my friend urged me to try again and be brave enough to get more involved (it now sounds really silly to me to have been so worried), anyway, I summoned up the courage and started posting again but this time leaving some comments and subscribing to a few journals. I was on the verge of leaving again when Spishy subscribed to my journal and her wonderful kind and witty comments got me hooked, she coaxed me out of my shell and we have exchanged comments almost every day since, I feel I owe her a huge debt of gratitude for doing this (she probably has no idea what she did) but she opened up a whole new world to me, I now I have many fantastic blip friends who’s journals I really enjoy. It’s such a wonderful community for people like me who are painfully shy, everyone is so friendly and supportive (why can’t folk be like that in the world outside Blip?) and I’m so glad that I stayed, I wouldn’t be without it now, it even gave me the confidence to join a local photo group. I would like to thank everyone at Blip central for making it happen so smoothly day after day and a big celebratory kiss and hug to everyone who visits my journal, on a regular basis or just occasionally, you are all such wonderful people – CHEERS!!!

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