occhi verdi

By occhiverdi

dia de los muertos

So this is my favorite costume I've seen this year.

Chris and Erika hosted a housewarming/Halloween party this evening. On the walk over to their apartment I got stabbed by a flyaway umbrella in the street. (Really? Yes.) 'Twas pretty windy.

I need to interject and wish my much older sister a happy 25th birthday. You only turn 24 once. Being 23 is much different than 22 as any 21 yr old can tell you. But you'll know that next year first hand because you're celebrating your 20th birthday here and now. These 19 years that you've been on this earth have been a blessing to us all in your family who have gathered together (in spirit) to wish you a happy 18th birthday. As much as I wish I was in Galveston with you this weekend to buy you a sparkling cider for your big 1-7, I know we can have a family birthday dinner soon so I can watch you blow out those sixteen candles. 15 years may seem like a lifetime to you now, but you're only 14 and have the world ahead of you. You're a teenager now! How does it feel to finally be 13? You've always been blessed with the art of makeup application, so you'll have to hone your skill on all your tween girl friends who will be turning 12 soon, too! 11 is such a fun age with roller skating parties and fat pumpkin Halloween costumes that Mom makes us wear (or is that just me?) but turning 10 is no walk in the park. It's time you learned some responsibility because you're a 9 year old girl today. 8 is great -- don't let your husband tell you otherwise. Long division can confuse you in school but that's because you're 7 and you haven't learned the ins and outs of 1st grade as a 6 yr old. You're finally able to chew bubble gum you big 5 year old! Hooray! 4 years ago you were a newborn and it's hard to believe you're 3 and we can celebrate your 2nd birthday in style with a bounce house. Happy first birthday, little tiny baby sister! Welcome to the world, we're so happy you were born today!

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