Just an ordinary weekday

Today was just about as typical as they come for a weekday in the hazelh household:

06:00 out for a run, followed by sit-ups
07:00-08:00 shower, breakfast, e-mail/Twitter/blog checking
08:00-09:00 walk to work listening to the Archers and Desert Island Discs on catch-up
09:00-18:30 at work - mainly meetings and teaching prep, plus signing forms and keeping a check on the e-mail tide
18:30-19:15 bus home
19:30 dinner (pictured) cooked by Mr hazelh (who has had a nice day at home as my house spouse, thank you very much)

We haven't got there yet, but I predict that not long after I post this blip it will be bath time. Then I'll watch about one hour of television (most likely something from BBC4 on the iPad), read for about 20 minutes, and finally be in tucked up in bed by 21:30 to get enough sleep to wake up bright and early for my morning run tomorrow.

Exercise today - morning loops in 29'06", sit-ups, and walk to work (1 hour).

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