By Chrysanthemum

Loco - Bittern, celebrates the Mallard anniversary

The 1937 steam locomotive Bittern is one of the six surviving locos designed by Sir Nigel Gresley. This year it is part of ‘The Great Gathering’ at the National Rail Museum in York celebrating the 75th anniversary of its sister locomotive Mallard becoming the fastest steam locomotive of all time by setting a record speed of 126mph near Grantham on 03 July 1938, a record which has never been beaten. The six surviving locomotives which have been reunited include Dominion of Canada shipped from Montreal, Dwight D. Eisenhower from the US, Union of South Africa and the Sir Nigel Gresley. The Great Gathering of the six locomotives is a very special event both for the museum and for rail enthusiasts world-wide and lasts until November 11. Bittern is also part of the Museum’s spectacular lighting extravaganza ‘Locos in a Different Light’ which actually finishes tonight.

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