By Chrysanthemum

Loco 6000 - King George V

Now a preserved British Steam Locomotive in the National Railway Museum in York, loco GWR 6000 class 6000 was the first of the ‘King’ Class and was built in 1927. While touring the United States in 1927 as part of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad’s centenary celebrations, it was presented with a bell and a plaque, leading to the loco’s affectionate name of ‘The Bell’. The inscription on the bell is as follows: Presented to Locomotive King George V by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company. At one point in its history it had its original chimney, cab and safety valve bonnets cut down to allow running on the modern railway, but it is now displayed in its original condition with full-height fittings. In 2008 it moved to the National Railway Museum and this year appears with stunning effect as part of the museum’s ‘Locos in a Different Light’ extravaganza.

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