Plastic plugs

Today I got use use the stuff we bought yesterday. First off there was the new iron to replace the old one. It seemed to work okay and the balance of the ironing was completed. The old iron worked okay but not great, it had been dropped, banged and filled up too many times with hard water...

After a snack it was time to fit some blinds. When we had new windows fitted most of the blinds and curtain rails came down. The blinds had mostly been attached to the frames but for the new windows I decided to not drive the screws into the frame but rather drill holes into the wall and attach them that way. I never have wall plugs of the right size so yesterday I picked up a small pack that are blipped here. They are not genuine Rawlplugs invented by John Joseph Rawlings circa 1911, but some cheap jobs from Wickes. They seemed to work okay and the look nice enough in close-up.

I'm not a fan of DIY, it never seems to work properly and I never have the exact tool, bit or screw that is required, hence yet another futile trip to the shop. Even when you think you have everything there is something else you need...

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