Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Still on my Red theme, for heart disease awareness. And, since I've still got Robins around, I had to go with one again today. If you look LARGE you will see this talented robin is juggling his berry - what a little show-off.

I won't bore you by repeating what I wrote earlier this week about our American Robins. If you missed it, you can go back to my November 5 Blip.

I had a busy morning followed by a lunch meeting, but did manage to get out early this morning and again later this afternoon for some shots of the feeding frenzy that is taking place in our yard. We've still got big flocks of cedar waxwings (one of my favorite birds), as well as smaller groups of robins and starlings with a few yell0w-rumped warblers and cardinals mixed in - all eating the berries from our redcedar trees. While under the trees, the sparrows, ticmice, juncos, chickadees and finches gather seeds. The blue jays are pretty much screaming at everyone, the woodpeckers are quietly eating their suet and the squirrels are frenetically burying seeds and nuts in every available patch of ground. It is endlessly entertaining.

I posted some additional shots of the robins, waxwings and a yell0w-rumped warbler on Flickr, starting here.. I think I will probably continue my red theme for another few days.

Hoping to have an exciting announcement sometime soon - stay tuned...

Happy Thursday, people!


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