Third Year Abroad

By LittleLots

Another photo which looks like it should have been taken in July not November! A couple of us decided to take advantage of the ridiculously warm weather by spending the afternoon on my terrace with a couple of glasses of wine. It has started getting dark a lot earlier now and when it does the temperature drops massively, but being so very British we persevered on the terrace for as long as possible before having to admit defeat and seek shelter inside. Its so easy to tell the Spanish from the non-Spanish now; the Spaniards are already bundled up in coats and scarves looking very bemused as us foreigners continue to wander around in shorts and sandals, constantly expressing our disbelief at the temperature.

Later in the evening, Amanda and I went for tapas with one of my housemates and his Italian friend, before finding ourselves invited to an Italian dominated flat party. Well I say flat party, as it turned out it was just a few Italians doing what they do best - cooking enough pasta to feed an army. I actually think the number of Italians I've met here is starting to rival the number of Germans. Which should really be good for my Italian, except that I now seem totally unable to speak any. I'll start a sentence in Italian only to find half way through that I've switched to Spanish. Not ideal. On the other hand it was nice feeling like I could understand what they were saying, well until they got overexcited and starting speaking at speeds so fast I'm impressed they could understand each other. Maybe thats the reason for all their hand gestures, at that speed sign language is really your best bet for getting a general idea of the conversation.

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