Allium skeleton

I have packed a lot into today and it's not over yet :-)

I woke up bright and early, relieved not to be obliged to rush out for a 06:00am weekday morning run. Since I was wide awake and ready to get up I left Mr hazelh sleeping and worked from 05:45-09:00, proof-reading and editing some documents. I should have finished them last night at the office, but didn't quite manage to do so. The documents are needed by a colleague for a meeting on Monday (any academics reading this will probably guess what all this is about) so it was good to get them off to my colleague before starting my weekend in earnest.

I spent the rest of the morning packing (more of this later) and then went out for a 50 minute (actually 50 minute and 8 seconds - gnash) run down to Leith and back.

After lunch we set off northwards to spend the rest of the weekend with our friends in Perthshire (hence the packing). Soon after our arrival my pal S and I popped out to the House of Bruar. This is of my favourite shops, and I have to admit that money was spent.

We're now looking forward to a fun evening of food, drink, conversation and music.

My blip is of some allium skeletons in S and T's garden.

Exercise today: Saturday route to Leith and back in 50'08".

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