An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Bottoms up!

I seem to have a bit of a G&T reputation on Blip and I have no idea why. *whistles innocently* :)

Very productive day today.

Up at 9am for 5 minutes then went back to bed till 11am :)
Slaved over a cordon bleu lunch baked potato with coronation chicken
Provided coffee and cake to Ele and Kenny who popped in on their way home from a dirty night away 5pm deal at a hotel in Pitlochry.
D and I then attacked the utility room and had a massive long overdue clear out and tidy up.
Made a very tasty though I do say so myself pasta carbonara for tea.
Now waiting for Andy Murray on the Jonathan Ross show whilst having a wee G&T.

Oh and the Christmas pressie deliveries have started. Wrapping shall commence next week.

Happy Saturday Peeps :) xxx

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