The Old Forge at Teddington

Day two of the four day weekend, and again it's been one of crossing off jobs.
After Shedapalooza yesterday, this morning's job was to whizz into town to pick up the Diamond Harbour Camera Club calendar reprint (selling like hot cakes!) and then deliver them to my Dad, who was kind enough to meet me at Teddington to save me shlepping all the way round the bays to Diamond Harbour.

Whilst I was waiting for him, I thought I'd capture this old building which I've been meaning to photograph for some time. This is the old blacksmith's shop at Teddington, at the junction with Gebbies Pass Rd.

I'd imagine it used to do a roaring trade one time or another, when the trip from Christchurch to the bays (as well as from Teddington to Motukarara over the pass) was a much more involved affair on horseback or carriage.

I don't know much about horse husbandry, particularly historical, but can imagine that there would have been some call for reshoeing en-route? Who knows. What I do know though is that the Governor's Bay Heritage Trust is hoping to restore the old building and put up some information placards etc.

I think this is a great idea - particularly in light of the heritage buildings that have been lost since the Canterbury Earthquakes. It also goes to show that it's not just Cathedrals and great civic buildings that hold the history; sometimes its the vernacular structures that hold just as many memories and importance to a local community.

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