War - Final Episode

The surviving Megabloks trooper goes back to Megabloksdude with news of the invasion's defeat and death of the Blue Lady.

Megabloksdude (right): 'What, they're all dead? Including my beloved Blue Lady? How can that be, she's invincible!

Trooper (left): 'Two troopers defected as well, sire. Lego have a fearsome creature that devoured the Blue Lady. I'm sorry'.

Megabloksdude: 'A pox on Lego. Mark my words, this is far from over. When they least expect it I will strike back. We must find our own fearsome creature to take on theirs. I will not rest until I thrust my mighty weapon down Legodude's throat'.

Trooper: 'Errr, you might wish to rephrase that last sentence sire...'


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