Blue Hamish

By BlueHamish

Fragile? (not yet but he will be)

DDW's November Challenge Day 16: "Fragile"

You will have to excuse a bit of poetic (artistic) licence with today's picture. I have set a precedent of posting a picture of the children for their birthday. Simon's 20th birthday is not until Monday, but was never going to fit the theme of 'something you do every day'. However, today he is back from uni to go out with his friends and I'm pretty confident that he will be fragile by this time tomorrow.

I've Photoshopped Sydney into the background as he and Rosina are visiting for 3 days just before Xmas. Another opportunity for them bot to get fragile I suspect. Rosina recently fell over and grazed her arm quite badly after a night out with friends in Melbourne. She described it as one of those slow motion cartoon moments with her arms flailing and her upper half moving forward just that bit quicker than her lower half. The outcome was inevitable but it lasted so long her friends had a sweepstake as to whether or not she would fall!

Lunch with the family today to celebrate the birthday. Matthew and Anna are coming home for the weekend to join in which will be nice.

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