One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Tooth fairy in IMF bailout scandal

A momentous event took place in Lidl ("every little tug at a wobbly tooth helps") yesterday.

Mimi lost not one, but two teeth.

In one go, while she was messing with an elastic band in her mouth.
And Mum had to scan the floor on all fours for a good while to find the second one (apparently the floor in Lidl is milk-tooth colour).
To say that Mimi had been eagerly waiting for that moment would be a shocking understatement.
She has lived for that moment for the last 18 months I think (she had a very advanced colleague in Junior Infant who will no doubt grow boobs by the time she reaches second class and who may graduate before the menopause).

I am tempted sometimes to try and explain to her that there is lots of time for changes. That it is important to savour the moment. That there is so much to be enjoyed during childhood. That there is no rush. That if anything, life is too fast. That the symbol that you desperately want to find on the remote control of life is the "pause" button, not the "fast forward" one.

But I would sound like an old fart. Which I am. Hence my appreciation for the present moment. And the dread of the next phases in life (hair transforming into cholesterol, absence of a next round of teeth to replace the ones giving up the ghost, fitness level of a geriatric sea elephant)

Look forward to growing up Mimi, that's what kids do. I won't change that.
And when you look back, in many many years, you'll see that childhood did kick ass in terms of entertainment and freedom and carelessness.

As for the Tooth Fairy, she tried to get a bailout from the IMF but they only lend to useless administrations owned by dangerously incompetent financial institutions.

She is on the same wage cycle as your Mum and Dad, who are finding the last week to the 23rd of the month very challenging.

So your Dad lent the Fairy his last 4 Euros (a 2 Euro coin for each tooth).

But he didn't have to fast for his lunch today.

Because the Tesco vouchers arrived in the post yesterday.

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