Herring Gull doing one of the things they do best - making a bloody racket.

Snow this morning. Woke up early - it seemed light outside. Just the moonlight on the window. Drove in to town, and had an early morning swim. First swim for nigh on four weeks. Bit of a struggle at the end, and body/limbs were somewhat in shock for the rest of the day.

Coming out the pool, and the slight smattering of snow was being rapidly added to by a hefty shower. Grabbed the camera and took a snap of the Aquadome (Inverness swimming pool complex) in said hefty shower, thinking that was easy for today's Blip. And that would've been it, had I not spied a very distant steeplejack up the lofty Baird Malting's chimney stack at lunchtime. Well I had to go and investigate that...

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