Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Lovely Morning Down At The Lake

It isn't often I'm happy with the way the raw files comes out but all I wanted to do with today''s shot was to level it and convert to jpeg. It isn't often I find a new piece of shore but I'd never walked on this little beach before.

It was lovely to be down at the lake early this morning. These days the only other people I see are photographers and they don't leave rubbish!

I went straight after this to The Mother's for the exciting arrival of Mr Bosch. I hope she's going to just love his attentive work on her dirty dishes. I never thought anything would happen to take the shine off this wonderful morning! We got a call to say that her best friend, who would normally have been visiting her today, had a fire in her home last night while she had been travelling south to see a terminally ill relative. This news was devastating.

The Mother was consoled and the dishwasher duly delivered and when I found out that her friend had arrived back home I was able to offer the couple and their two dogs a temporary home for the rest of the week in the holiday lodge.

The Man and I went off for a late afternoon visit to Gretna to see the starling murmuration there. There were tens of thousands of birds in the air and when they took off from the electricity wires, the wires bounced for ages. The noise of the birds was incredible too.

I had a lovely hour watching them and being amazed though their flight patterns were not as remarkable as some I have seen so I'll save that for a blip after another visit.

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