Red, Green, and Blue

By GemmoMC


So me and my brother finally went to see the film we were gonna see yesterday. We saw Thirst, a Korean vampire flick. I'm starting to like vampire movies and horror movies ever since my Body Genre class back in Fall 08. I really learned a lot about the structure of horror films and how they are all similar. Thirst is no different. It has the components of a horror film in that it has a "final girl" and the attacker. This film, however, combines those two figures into one. The final girl is also the attacker. She is pursued, killed, relives, kills, and then dies.

Thinking about this film even more makes me think how intricate it was. And now that I think about it more, I'm glad I learned about film. I view movies in such a different way now. What I learned in school was more than film appreciation, it was film theory and analysis which in turn provoked critical thinking. Who says film majors have it easy.

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