BlipaEwan 21...

This is my monthly track of my children as they grow to see how they change as time goes by. I try to get them on the same date of each month (the one year ago thumbnail has proved a brilliant tool for this series) and in the same pose so that I can see how they change over time.

This month with his sister now going to nursery weekday mornings is getting a bit of personal mummy time. I think this will probably be really good for him once we have the house back to rights.

Speaking of which I must say, he has done brilliantly during our house upheaval. We just got the kitchen and back door finished yesterday and haven't managed to get the house back in order as you can probably tell from the picture. We've all been confined to upstairs more or less for 2 weeks and he's been brill. Now we have a back door and gate, we can just let him roam out into the garden as he pleases which is great.

We've gotten right back into swimming since last month. I must say that this is in part due to Granny and Grandpa who are loving going swimming with them both. Ewan is really starting to like swimming. I got him water wings like his sister so he can have a bit of freedom with out someone holding him all the time.

He's getting right into his stories a bedtime as well. Can't go to bed without at least 2 stories although he sometimes tries a fast one by coaxing a 3rd out of us. We introduced him to Pocoyo and he does a brilliant "Aaaatchooo" to go with the story.

You can check out the rest of this series by entering the word BlipaEwan into the Blipfoto search tool.

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