La Palma, Canary Islands

By mojorojo

Cruising by

Went to the harbour of Santa Cruz today - an hour from here - to meet up with a couple of old friends from the UK. They were on a cruise around the Canaries and today was La Palma.

This is their vessel, the Ocean Majesty.

It was wonderful to see them although it was only for less than two hours - but time enough to stroll around the capital, look at a couple of the beautiful mansions, cobbled streets, balconies and enjoy a coffee and chat in one of the plazas.

Also a little surreal as it was such a short time (they were going on a trip to the Caldera) and we haven't seem them for over 8 years, since we moved here.

A bit like ships that pass in the night.

I thought the photo looked a bit surreal too.

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