Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Trinity Quad at evening

Why do I put things off? I've been out of contract with my iPhone since the middle of June, but it's taken until now for me to get it unlocked. I took the first step a couple of weeks ago by filling in an online unlock request form. That took two attempts because my network provider's system wasn't satisfied with phone number, address and date of birth matching their records, but also expected my name to be in the exact same form as they had it. The initial error notification didn't spell it out, of course, it merely said that the information I'd provided didn't match anything they had on their system. I guessed that it was something to do with the name, which lots of concerns get wrong no matter how slowly I spell it out for them.

So, having got past that hurdle, I was instructed to complete the unlock process by inserting a SIM from another network, connecting the phone to iTunes and doing a Restore. I'd hoped that a friend on a different network might be able to help out by loaning a SIM card, but that wasn't such a good idea, and I didn't fancy paying for something I'd probably never use. So today I went in to my network's outlet on Grafton Street to see if there was any way to get around the SIM business. The first and second staff members couldn't provide an answer, but the third told me I should be able to get a free SIM card from any other network. Sure enough, all I had to do was walk in and explain my situation. The guy reached into a drawer and handed me a SIM without charge and without question.

I went through the whole tedious business when I got home and finally got a message to the effect that the phone is now unlocked. After that I still had time to make and drink some coffee and watch twenty minutes of boring daytime TV before the restore process finally finished. Now I still have to contact customer service and make a formal application to switch from bill-pay to pay-as-you-go. I have to provide 30 days' notice, so I'll be faced with one final bill at the full bill-pay rate before I fully regain my freedom.

Having got the SIM I did the usual blip-wander around the Grafton Street area, ending up in Trinity College as the light began to fade. I got some decent shots there and on the shopping streets nearby before braving the start of the rush-hour and spending 45 minutes in snail-paced traffic on my way home. It was't easy making a blip choice, but I did rather like this view of the Trinity quadrangle (New Square, officially), taken at 4:30 pm or so.

Bigger Quad

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