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On my last trip to Lacock on 13 November I had picked up a leaflet detailing the exhibition of Anthony Rogers' wood sculptures, on on studying it later I realised there were two in Lacock Abbey's brewery and bakery outbuildings that I had missed, and as I had photographed each of the others I decided to return to see the final two. This Sunday was the last chance as it was the final day of the exhibition.

I rolled up in the afternoon and had a further stroll around the grounds admiring the wonderful autumn hues, especially beside the pool below the Abbey. The light inside was poor but I did photograph both of the pieces. I haven't blipped them as they weren't very good pictures (they are included in the set linked to below).

As I returned I saw again the tabby kitten that I had seen in the orchard on the Blipmeet earlier in the year with Clean Steve and Woodpeckers.

There was also a historical moment as I made the first phonecall using the dreaded smartphone I have owned for about three years! I had previously used it for texts and occasional Googling but I have an intense dislike of mobile phones and had disdained its use until this day.

As well as the sculpture exhibition, there was a Crafts exhibition in the tithe barn a few yards further along the High Street and I called in there briefly. My blip depicts John Aitken, the bowler hatted woodturner, engrossed in his skilled work.


Blip #1103
Consecutive Blip #006
Day #1333

Strata sculptures by Anthony Rogers - Enclosure I (in outbuilding)
Leaves In Abbey Courtyard
Tabby Kitten
Autumn Colour By The Pool
Strata sculptures by Anthony Rogers - Enclosure II

Lacock and Anthony Rogers' Strata sculptures, 7/13/17 November 2013 (Flickr set)

Lenses: Pentax 17-70mm, Pentax 55-300mm

Lacock series

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